Daycare and Train

If you’d like to experience the results of Dog Retreat Center’s holistic, effective approach to dog training, but hate the idea of spending a night away from your pooch, then our Daycare and Train program is right for you. 

Depending on your dog’s needs, our Daycare and Train program can take a variety of forms. 

Some dogs may need only a set number of days of Daycare and Train, and some dogs may need everyday Daycare and Train sessions until they are calm, balanced, and an ideal member of your home pack. 

During our Daycare and Train program, your dog will be trained, socialized, exercised, and stimulated.

For our Daycare and Train, we offer the following programs:

  • 5 day (includes 2 private lessons, first at DRC, follow-up in home) $850
  • 10 day (includes 2 private lessons, first at DRC, follow-up in home) $1575
  • 15 day (includes 3 private lessons, first at DRC, 2 follow-ups in home) $2175

The recommended length of the program depends on the behaviors and goals. This program is great for people who have time to practice and remain consistent in the evening. On top of the daycare and train, we offer a weekly sessions with you and your dog to keep up the skills your dog is learning each week. 

Daycare and Train takes place 3 to 5 days per week for the recommended number of weeks. We often find 3 weeks is the ideal amount of time, but some dogs require more or fewer sessions. 

During the Daycare and Train program, you also receive training homework for the weekend, so you can continue forging a quiet, strong communication bond with your dog. 


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