Dog Retreat Center offers a variety of options when it comes to our private training service. We offer private dog training, a private training session once a week with our daycare and training program, and a board and training program where we work with your dog one-on-one. 

All of our services begin with a Training Evaluation Day, which helps us get to know your dog and their behavioral needs. 


Training Evaluation Day: $50 

Our training program begins with an evaluation day to allow us to get to know your dog and your dog's personality. After this we meet to discuss goals, behaviors, and observations. We will then collaborate to determine which training program will get you to your goals.


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Private Training

Our in-home training program is for anyone who may have many dogs, small children, or other family members who reinforce undesired behaviors in your dog(s). In-home training is also beneficial if you have recently added a new dog to your pack. We offer this service so we can help you from the comfort of your home.

With our private, in-home dog training we bring expert training services to your doorstep. Our private training service includes 1.5 to 2.5 hour private sessions either at your home or another familiar location. From the initial observation to when we start working with you and your dog, we work with both of you to find a program that will help curb those unwelcome behaviors. 

We also offer an in-home 3 lesson puppy package. Private training is also available at our training center at a more economical rate.

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Daycare and Training

We offer a daycare and training program that is based on the severity of your dog’s behavioral issues. In this program, we focus on training and socialization on a structured activity schedule that provides specially tailored lesson plans for your dog daily. This program can encompass 3 to 5 days per week, and can last as many weeks as your dog needs to become a calmer, more peacefully integrated member of your family. During this time, we will work on training your dog, as well as giving you and your dog homework over the weekend. 

Program durations differ. We offer a 5 day, a 10 day, and a 15 day daycare and training program, each recommended based on behavior goals for your dog. We recommend this program for people who have time to practice and remain consistent in the evening. On top of the daycare and train, we offer a weekly session with you and your dog to check in and keep working the skills your dog is learning each session. 

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Board and Training

We also offer board and training service. With this service, your dog both trains and sleeps at our facility. Our board and training programs can last anywhere from 4 days to 6 weeks, since we base the program on the severity and nature of the dog’s behavioral issues. 

In each of our board and training packages, we offer 2-3 training sessions a day where we either work with your dog one-on-one or incorporate other dogs into their training. Your dog will receive at least 2 socialization sessions per day, along with daily exercise and mental stimulation. Our board and training program is a great fit for training and reinforcing behaviors that will transfer smoothly into your home life. 

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Socialization Program

This is a wonderful way to integrate socially challenged and undersocialized dogs into our pack. Our Supportive Shadow Socialization Program gives dogs the opportunity to practice more appropriate social skills with the help of a whole pack of well adjusted dogs under the direct supervision and guidance of an experienced dog trainer. The dogs learn what to do from each other and they learn respect for the rules and boundaries of the play yards from their handler. This program helps dogs to develop the social skills needed to have a more enjoyable experience where they can learn to let go of trying to control space around other dogs and become relaxed enough to play, socialize, and simply co-exist more comfortably in the company of other dogs in the daycare and boarding environment. 

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