Here at Dog Retreat Center, we offer boarding services for graduate dogs-- if your dog has graduated from one of our programs, you can enjoy all the benefits of our Overnight Stay program.

Whether you are simply looking for a place your dog can stay overnight while you go out of town, or your dog is needing to stay overnight in order to further work on the skills they are learning in their training journey, we are here for you. We work with you to provide the best Overnight Stay options for you, all based on what fits best for your dog's needs.

We only offer Overnight Stay services for dogs who have graduated from one or more of our programs so we can ensure Dog Retreat Center is a safe, peaceful, and productive environment for every pooch who stays with us. 

Boarding and Daycare Post-Training

Any dogs that have completed a training program are welcome for daycare or boarding (7 days/week, 365 days/year). All dogs who board and stay with us for the day or night follow a routine of socialization, physical exercise, and our training method, so it is important that your dog knows our routine and has completed our “follow the leader” program.


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Overnight Stay

All boarding and daycare includes maintenance training and physical and social exercise everyday. If there are specific training goals, we will do a daily training rate.


 (up to 7 nights)


 (up to 14 nights)


 (15+ nights)

Plus 1 Boarding