Dog Retreat Center is where mindfulness and dog training meet.

We offer a variety of services to best fit your dog’s needs, such as private training, puppy preschool classes, daycare and training, boarding and training, reiki, and much more.

All of our services begin with an Introduction Sessions, which helps us get to know your dog and their behavioral needs. 


Introduction Sessions : $250 

Our training program begins with two introduction sessions scheduled within 1-2 days of each other. The first session is 2 hours and we'll discuss goals, behaviors, observations, and begin the 4 step Follow The Leader formula. The second session is 1.5-2 hours to building upon the training from the first session.

Based on the progress in the sessions, we'll collaborate to determine if further training is needed and which program will get you to your goals ($125 of the $250 cost of the introduction sessions will be applied to any training program that is 10 or more days).


Our Services

At Dog Retreat Center, we offer the following services to the general public:

  • Training
    • Private Training
    • Daycare and Training
    • Board and Training
    • Reiki
  • Day Stay (After Graduation)
  • Overnight Stay (After Graduation)