Group Classes

Dog Retreat Center offers a variety of classes for people and their pooches. 

Our classes include:

  • Puppy Preschool
  • Kindergarten
  • Dog Prep School
  • Graduate Group Classes
  • Private Classes 

Our Puppy Preschool is an ongoing class that encourages owners to “drop in” with their dogs. Puppy Preschool encourages socialization, mental stimulation, exercise, mindfulness, and learning. 

Our Kindergarten class is a 6 week course where we can further work with your dog on training tools and commands. In this class, we work with puppies between the ages of 8-20 weeks.  This class is great for people who are new to having a puppy or have only had a puppy for a short while. In this class, we lay the foundation for leadership and help to provide guidance on all things puppy related. We also offer "drop-in puppy play-and-learn," where we open up our indoor space just for puppies on Sunday afternoons. During this time, you can bring your pup to play with other puppies. We will always be there to referee puppy play-and-learn, but this is a great time and opportunity for your puppy to socialize and learn from other puppies. 

Our Dog Prep School is a 6 week course where we focus on improving upon and honing the skills previously learned in Puppy Kindergarten, or in our observation/training course. We also suggest our Dog Prep School course for dogs and owners who need a refresher, or who are looking for skills to add to their dog training tool box. Puppy Kindergarten or one of our observation/training programs are a prerequisite. 

We also offer a class for graduates of our training programs where we practice your dog’s skills once a week. Our Graduate Group Class helps you and your dog remember everything you’ve learned, and also helps you lovingly reinforce your dog’s newfound calm, “follower” mindset at home.This class presents a great opportunity for you and your dog can to practice the "follow the leader" steps with other people and dogs who are working towards similar goals. 

Some private classes are available upon request. 

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Group Classes

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