Private Training

Dog Retreat Center’s purpose-built facility was designed to replicate the average home, which enables us to correct dog behavioral problems in a familiar environment. In certain cases, however, we cannot replicate your home situation— but we can still help!

Dog Retreat Center offers private, in-home training services for some clients. If you have multiple dogs in your home, have small children or other family members who encourage unwelcome behaviors in your dog(s), or if you’ve recently added another dog to your home pack, we can help you from the comfort of your home.

Whether your family dog is eating food off of the table or you just need some help incorporating a new dog into your life, we can guide you and your pack into a calm, structured routine. 

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Private, In-Home Dog Training

We can bring our expert training services to your home, and we also offer private, one-on-one training with you and your dog. 

Our private training service includes two 1.5 to 2.5 hour private sessions at your home or in another familiar location.  

During these sessions, you and your dog will receive training geared towards addressing your dog’s problem areas, and then we will observe your dog on its initial observation day. We also cover everything from our 4-Step formula to problem solving and behavior modification. 

From the initial observation, we will work with you to help curb unwelcome behaviors. You also have the option to incorporate people and other dogs as needed to assist in the training sessions. We highly suggest in-home training if we cannot recreate your home situation at our office. 

1:1 Training at Dog Retreat Center

$110 per session
Package rate: $280 (3 pack)

1:1 Training in Home

$200 per session
Package rate: $500 (3 pack)

Puppy Training Package: 3 lessons