Our Beginning

The Story of Tank

Teri got into dog care in 2005 after bringing home her first puppy as an adult, Tank the boxer. It wasn’t long before their bond made it difficult for Teri to be away from Tank for a full day of work. By the time Tank was 5 months old, Teri decided to change careers and get a job in the dog industry where she could bring Tank to work with her. 

Teri began working at a busy dog daycare in Seattle in early 2006. During this time Tank got to play and socialize with other dogs while Teri gained an invaluable amount of experience in dog handling. When it came to training Tank, Teri made many mistakes. She was much more interested in teaching Tank tricks, playing, and showering him with affection, rather than teaching him basic manners. By the time Tank became a teenager, his guard drive instincts began to kick in, and Teri knew they were in trouble and going to need some help to get that under control.

In 2007 Teri decided to take her love for working with dogs and immerse herself and Tank in an intensely informative, 8 week private dog trainer’s course in Jacksonville, OR. This is where Teri began to go from dog lover to pack leader. Tank got a healthy dose of the discipline needed in order for him to begin accepting rules and boundaries around his guard dog behavior. During this time, both Teri and Tank were pushed to their limits in terms of what they were ready to teach and learn from one another.

When Tank and Teri returned from the course, they still had a ways to go in transforming their relationship to one where Tank fully saw Teri as his pack leader. Tank was a high energy and rather dominant dog. Teri was a pretty high strung, anxious, dog owner and aspiring dog trainer. While advised otherwise by the trainer that trained her, Teri was dead set on becoming Tank’s pack leader and a professional dog trainer. Her mentor claimed Teri was the most tenacious person she had ever met.

Teri continued her dog training education and sought out more help with Tank from other dog trainers. She went back to work at the dog daycare and began to apply the things that she learned with each of the dogs she handled there. Teri began providing private dog training services with dogs and their people at the dog daycare. Soon after, Teri’s co-workers began calling her “Legendary Teri”, in response to her tenacity, passion, and willingness to go above and beyond both in her work with dogs and people.

In 2008 Teri decided to start her own dog training business called “Legendary Teri’s Dog Training”. She really enjoyed sharing her knowledge and helping other people and dogs overcome many of the challenges she herself had faced with Tank. Tank enjoyed participating in group dog adventures and entertaining their many overnight dog guests in their home. They spent 2 years building up their reputation and clientele. 

By 2010 Teri was working full time for herself. She had strong relationships with her clients there and new referrals coming in every week. An out of state job opportunity arose for her partner at the time. Teri decided it was time to leave Seattle and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Legendary Teri’s Dog Training was reborn in Palo Alto, CA in 2011. Teri quickly learned that the  demand for her dog training services was much greater in this area and it became difficult for her to meet this demand on her own. She sought out the help of other dog care professionals. Teri spent time learning about what these people knew from their own dog care experience and she spent time teaching them what she knew from her dog training experience. 

Teri joined forces with a select few and Legendary Teri’s Dog Training transformed into Pooch Professionals. 

In 2014, Pooch Professionals was established and providing dog training, walking, and overnight care services all over the Silicon Valley. Then, at a regular health check-up for Tank her vet informed her he had developed a heart condition and the prognosis was unknown. With the understanding that Tank could go on to live another 5 years or drop dead unexpectedly at any given time, Teri made a choice to prioritize time with Tank over her work with her team.

Teri and Tank packed up and migrated north of San Francisco to one of their favorite places to escape to, the Russian River Valley. Together they closed out a late summer in a home along the river where Tank would often wander down to sink his feet into the mud and stroll on back into the house to take a nap on the couch, seemingly blissfully unaware of the giant mess he had made. Teri and Tank spent countless days exploring  around the empty beaches and trails together there in the off season.

Tank’s heart beat on well into his senior years and in 2016 Teri decided to move to Boise, Idaho so Tank could spend the remainder of his senior years close to the people he adored the most, Teri’s many nieces and nephews in the Magic Valley. 

In October of 2016, Teri, d’Andra, and their combined pack of 4 dogs started Pooch Professionals in Boise. 
In November of 2017, Tank took his last breath. His legacy lived on in the hearts of Teri and the many lives he touched during his time here on earth with us.   

By 2018, Pooch Professionals, originally inspired by Tank’s great influence, was doubling each year. With the rapid growth in the Treasure Valley and number of households with dogs, the decision to expand into a facility was made.  

In 2019, the development of the Dog Retreat Center began in February and was completed in November. Tank’s presence is felt here every day and reflected in the joyful expressions on dog’s and people’s faces as new training goals are reached and social skills are developed. Teri and d’Andra and the entire DRC team are thrilled to offer more services to more people and their dogs and be a greater part of the community!